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Duck & damsons

With all those Ds this dish was bound to be delicious - duck sausages from farmer David Knipe (purchased at Kendal farmers market); and home-made damson jam from my friend Derek Kingwell, the Gazette's Pour & Explore columnist, and a dab hand in the chutney and preserve department.
While the sausages cooked on the 'George Formby' (I know that's wrong, but it makes me smile!), I steamed some chopped curly kale (any seasonal green veg will do, broccoli, sweetheart cabbage, etc), and in another pan melted a little of derek's damson jam. I also had a pan of penne pasta on the go (I like it al dente so I probably only cooked it for about five minutes).
To present the dish, I stirred the drained pasta into the melted damson juices - adding a little pasta water to loosen it; next I added the kale to the mixture and then piled this on the plate and popped the duck sausages on top. garnishing with a little freshly chopped parsley to complete the dish.


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