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Heaves Farm Rose Veal

I know offal isn't everyone's cup of tea but, if you like fillet steak (!) then I reckon you would like this sublime liver.
The other night I made some polenta cakes (make up the polenta in advance, pile in a ring mould and then bake in the oven to warm through when required).
I steamed some shredded leeks and spinach (from Growing with Grace at Clapham).
And I scrubbed some baby beetroot (also from GwG), quartered and placed in a roasting dish with some olive oil and dried rosemary (from Spain via Paul Hughes and Julia Sayburn of Howbarrow Farm at Cartmel - the oil is to die for, I could drink it!), and whacked the beetroot in the oven (popped the polenta in when the beetroot was nearly done).
And now to the liver - a couple of big, thick slices each - floured in seasoned plain flour and pan-fried for a matter of minutes each side in the aforementioned olive oil and a knob of butter.
When nearly done I popped the liver in the oven to keep it warm (I still wanted it pink because I would be returning it to the pan later), and then stirred some Moss Howe Farm (Witherslack) extra fruit damson jam into the pan juices to get nice and bubbling, and then returned the liver to the pan to coat.
To serve, pop the polenta cakes on the plate, side by side, pile the spinach and leeks on one side of the 'cakes', the beetroot on the other, the liver balanced on the cakes, and spoon the divine juices over the meat, just coating the edge of the greens.
It was sublime - not because of anything I did but because of the provenance of the ingredients. Thank you to all concerned!

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