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Justine's Journey

Justine's story is remarkable. In 18 months she changed her life around by deciding to lose weight for the sake of her children. She dramatically dropped weight and lost more than 14 stone in the process.
Justine runs regular cookery courses for children and adults from:
This vibrant Mum of three piled on the pounds by comfort eating when she found herself spending large amounts of time in various hospitals and clinics with two of her children who had serious medical issues. Her reality check came via her children, "I had choices - they didn't and I realised that I was eating myself to death, I had to do something about it." 
Justine made her plan and began by choosing healthier food, cooking meals that the whole family would enjoy - she didn't exclude herself from meal times, family time together is hugely important for the Forrest family!
Justine's Journey is a bible for anyone who wants to change and enhance their life through a sensible eating and exercise plan but not restrict family and social life - packed full of recipes and tips on how to enjoy the journey from someone who understands and has first hand experience of the highs and lows along the way. You can have your cake and eat it!
Justine won the TV series Michael Winner's Dining Stars and became a celebrity in her home region where she supplies businesses with her wonderful brownies and cakes. She demonstrates and speaks at food festivals and events throughout the UK, is heard on local radio and has appeared on Harry Hill's TV Blurp, Granada Reports and Good Morning TV (GMTV). Justine passionately supports the charity Roland McDonalds Homes for Children and runs marathons to raise money for this charity.

Justine's Journey is published by Thornberry Publishing and available Amazon

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