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So in my T304 (or whatever the number is), I fried (a little olive oil, a little Bertolli) some red peppers, some snipped dried chillies (from the wonderful Ged Fowler at Cark in Cartmel), the smokey ones, chippotle I think ... some sliced red peppers, a little sliced chorizo (please always have some of this in the fridge), and a few sliced brown mushrooms.
While this was cooking, I beat the eggs ... and washed some chopped kale to be steamed (well ... cooked in a steamer in the microwave actually, for 3 mins).
I am doing all this on the hob, of course, and the oven is nice and hot.
I poured in the eggs and blobbed some soft cream cheese (Longley Farm, the best) on top, got everything bubbling and then shoved in the oven to set, finishing off under the grill to brown.
To serve, I piled the steamed greens on the plate and placed a huge wedge of the omelette on the greens and drizzled with the most divine extra virgin olive oil from a man called Mattheus (I think) who travels with the fruits of his labours from Spain, every year, to Howbarrow Farm at Cartmel.
And I served this with potato wedges - done in another T304 pan, while the oven was on.
What I am trying to say is ... go with the flow with your omelette.

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