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Ranch-style eggs

I seem to recall the idea for this dish came from one of those ubiquitous M&S recipe books of the 1980s. It is basically a tomato sauce with eggs broken into it and then either baked or a lid put on it to set the yokes and whites.
Over the years - as my tastebuds seem to have taken more and more of a liking to the spicier things in life - I have pepped up the tomato sauce with all manner of lip-smacking goodies.
For starters, I like to add vegetables to the basic sauce whose first ingredient is a tin of good quality chopped tomatoes. I like diced peppers, courgette (for some reason I never add onion), perhaps some mushrooms. I will usually add a tin of red kidney beans - the other night I popped in some chickpeas too, just for the hell of it.
Chopped garlic, diced bacon are both alternatives.
Most important, however, is the fire ... some lovely smokey chipotle chilli (I invested in a stash at the annual Levens Hall August Chilli Festival), and a little smoked paprika (I use the stuff in that cute red tin, La Chinata).
Basically, I just throw all the sauce ingredients in the pan and let it simmer until the vegetables are tender and you have a lovely rich oozing mass ... then make a couple of 'wells' in the sauce per person, into which you break the eggs. I simply pop a lid on the pan until the eggs are set and serve with chunks of good home-baked white bread to mop up all those divine juices.
Let's all sing together ... "home, home on the range ..."

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