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Waste not, want not

So there I am, staring at the contents of the fridge, checking sell-by dates, trying to make some room for this week's shopping ...
The reduced fat creme fraiche was actually past its SBD - by five days - but tasted fine. There was a quarter bottle of white wine which, for some strange reason, hadn't been quaffed.
Thanks to Growing Well's bumper garlic crop at the end of 2009, I had plenty of the pungent root in my garlic saver. And in the vegetable basket were a couple of potatoes a bit dubious around the edges but fine in the middle, and a pile of onions just crying out (pardon the pun) to be put to good use.
And so a soup was born.
Into the pan went the sliced onions which I sweated in some olive spread and a spoonful of olive oil. While they were cooking I poured some boiling water on a good handful of garlic to soften the skins and make it easier to peel.
When the onions had sweated enough, I poured in the wine, added the garlic, and the peeled, chopped potatoes, plus loads of seasoning (I didn't have any white pepper which would have been better than the black, but needs must) and a little water - enough just to cover everything.
(I find it easier to hold back on liquid when I am making a soup - you can always add to.)
About 15 minutes later, I whizzed everything up in my Magimix, returned the gloup to the pan and thinned it with the creme fraiche, stirring well until I had a lovely rich, creamy soup which I served with a handful of picked watercress leaves on top.
Like I always say, waste not want not ...

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